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Some samples of UI design and micro-interactions I did while learning Adobe XD. The data visualizations are course assignments made using Figma.

Landing page card interaction.jpeg

Website landing page with interactive cards

UI Design

I took design inspiration from SkectAppSources for the landing page and added the card interaction using the prototype features of Adobe XD.

Side nav bar micro-interaction 1.png

Micro-interactions in side navigation bar

UI Design

Exploring micro-interactions for different types of side navigation bars.

Tennis Grandslam History.png

Grandslam Singles Winners (2000 - 21)

Data Visualization

The last two decades have been extraordinary for tennis - players stretching the longevity of their careers and redefining what it means to be The Greatest of All Times.

Dear data - 1.png

A week of conversations

Data Visualization

Ever wonder how much time you spend talking to people. And who do you to speak to the most?

A week of physical activity.png

Physical activities in a week

Data Visualization

How much physical activity do I get in a week? Are there any patterns to when I am active in the day?

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