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Grandslam Singles Winners (2000- 2021)

Who is the GOAT?

In this course assignment for Information Workshop: Best Practices in Data Visualization taught by Bianca DiPietro, I wanted to tell the story of how extraordinary the last two decades have been for the sport of lawn tennis. 

Through the interactive data visualization, the audience can chose to explore with by tournament or by players.

The assignment required that we create the data visualization of minimum 11x17 poster size.​

Design decisions

I created the data visualization as a circle to represent the tennis ball. The choice of colours to represent the four grand slams is inspired by the colours used by the respective tournament website and its logo. In each semi-circle, the players who won the highest number of titles are in the centre. The reason for doing that was two-fold. First, these players have won titles through the entire time-period, so it would easier to draw the connecting lines if they are in centre of the timeline. Second, if we imagine the number of titles won on the Y-axis, they would be at the top.


Tennis Grandslam History.png


Figma is awesome

This was my first attempt at prototyping in Figma. Even though the visualization required a lot of detailed work and the final file had over 60 frames, it was not overwhelming. Exhausting - yes, but not overwhelming.

Attention to details

For this visual representation to not look like a mess, I had to make sure that each line connecting the players to the years has a different curve and do not cover each other. It took a lot of time, but it was critical to make the visualization work.

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