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Hi! I'm Arpana 

/ar • p • nah/ 


A Product Designer with 4 years of experience crafting end-to-end experiences for complex domains. Bringing clarity and boosting efficiency is my superpower.



Designing open source intelligence research tools @ Authentic8.

Previously @ General Motors, University of Toronto, Talentica and Infosys.


Commercial Shipping - Chartering

Responsive web • Product Design • B2C

From concept to final responsive web design in 42 days

Online Student Portal

Web • UX/UI Design • Design System • Education

$30k/yr reduction in cost by improving application submission accuracy.

Award Explorer

Web • UX Research • UX Design • Education

Helping University of Toronto students find award & scholarships in a single search session.


Mobile • Product Design • Health & Wellness

Empowering experienced fitness enthusiasts to take full control of their fitness journey

Usability Testing & User Research for Safety Critical Systems

UX Research • Usability Testing • Automobile

Supporting engineers in ongoing innovation projects at GM

Industry endorsements

Arpana worked on my product for about two years, which was quite a difficult one to understand to start with. She made a very serious effort to understand the industry, the idea and the vision and very capably took it to fruition. She was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend her to anyone looking to work with her.

Rahul Shrivastava

Founder, Kraken

Kraken Logo.png

Arpana was part of the STEP Solutions team at Talentica. She did a great job of developing the web-based SaaS application. When the team was looking for someone to be more UI/UX focused she stepped up to the challenge and took upon herself to learn some of the concepts. I am glad to see her further develop her skills in this area and get the HFI - CUA certification. I would love to work with Arpana again and I think she would a great resource on any software development team.

SVP Product Development, STEP Solutions 

Step solution logo.png

Arpana asks the right questions when building a wireframe

Product Manager, Robovision 


I had the chance to work with Arpana for a client project for two years. It was a project built from ground up and she was primarily responsible to understand client's vision, convert them into understandable mind-maps and then provide artefacts that helps the development team. Her biggest strength during this phase was her confidence and the clarity in her communication. She is easily approachable, a good listener and a problem solver. She will fit right into any team and can handle all responsibilities independently. She is highly motivated and has passion for UI/UX part of the project. Client had high praises for her and always looked up to her for ideas.

Senior Development Manager, Talentica

Talentica Logo.png

I worked with Arpana for over 3 years. She is an analytical person who uses her superior communication skills to generate concepts and gather feedback. On one of the projects, she single-handedly migrated entire legacy screens(about 20 screens) to user-centric screens by conducting user research, creating personas, developing wireframes and prototypes around customer needs. She is a creative person, and she always finds ways to solve complex UX problems. She is a go-getter and sets high standards. I enjoyed working with her and she will a valuable asset in any company/team.

Tech Product Manager, Talentica 

Talentica Logo.png
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