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An app designed to help knowledgeable fitness lovers create personalized exercise routines, complete with an interval timer and performance tracking.

Market Opportunity

The target users are fitness enthusiasts - people who actively and regularly engage in fitness activities. They are well-practiced in all basic exercises and usually put together own routines based on their goals and body focus.

While working out, they are fully focused on performing the exercise with proper form, giving all they have to push themselves. Therefore, a common problem is recalling next exercise or which set they are in.

"I used to note the exercise names on my forearm before going to the gym."

- A fitness enthusiast on Quora

Project Overview

Academic project

Jan - Apr 2022

Individual Project


Product Designer


IBM Activation Journey



Paper & pen

Ideation & Brainstorming

I began the project with market research to identify an area of opportunity. I analyzed current big players in the market Alpha Progression - Gym Logger [100k+ downloads], Fitify: Fitness Home Workouts [10M downloads], [10M+ downloads] and Freelectics [10M+ downloads]. I looked at their features offered and gaps in their current offerings. I used this information for ideation and brainstorming core product features. 

Information Architecture

The next step was to map out the structure of the whole app with the core features

Task Flows

Based on the core features offer by this app, I identified the three primary task flows:

1. Create a custom exercise routine.

2. Using the exercise routine to do a workout.

3. Inviting friends to join in a workout. 

Design System

I built the design system and component library so ensure a consistent and coherent design across all screens. Adhering to the Google Material Design guidelines, this design system can be extended as new features are developed.

Final Designs

Select exercise routine
& invite friends

Users can select a custom routine they created, view the exercise and set details. They can either workout alone or invite friends to join them.

Working out with the selected routine & performance tracking

The interval timer takes the user through all the exercise and rest intervals tracking their performance in each set. The workout summary screen also shows how their performance compares with previous, personal best as well as their friend's performance.

Light mode

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